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Rayno Life Science Stocks: Be An Investor Not A Trader…Update-1

Update-1 …After 1.94% NASDAQ Sell-Off All three market indices got crushed today with a downdraft attributed to ending of QE, rising i rates in 2015, a rising dollar and just plain profit taking. A 3.8% hit on Apple (AAPL) did not help support the QQQ which also holds many large cap biotech stocks.The healthcare sector […]

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FED Finesse-Steady As She Goes-Large Cap Biotechs Near Highs Update -1 PBYI

Taper Lite With Zero Interest Rates The big FED Meeting with the Bernanke farewell concluded with “taper lite”, optimism on the economy and continued low inflation. The FED decision to roll back its economic stimulus was welcomed by investors boosting the S&P by 1.7% to a record 1810 and NASDAQ up 1.2%. Low interest rate […]

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Fidelity Select Biotechnology Fund (FBIOX) Outperforms Biotech ETFs YTD

Life Science Sector at or Near YTD and All Time Highs Fidelity Fund (FBIOX) Outperform ETFs Over the past 3 years we reviewed how ETFs complement a biotechnology  investment strategy and compared three of the largest and most liquid : FBT, IBB and XBI (see the articles below and our comprehensive article from May 2011). […]

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Politics Curb Further Market Gains-Short Term Caution

No matter what your political persuasion you should know that your dysfunctional government may weaken the economy and damage your portfolio. Jim McTague in his Sep 23 Barron’s column, The GOP’s Threat to Investors, provides the scenario whereby he says…” Ben Bernanke never underestimates the ability of Congress to blow up the economy. Neither should […]

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Money Talks, Stocks Run, Don’t Walk and Biotech is Up 1.4% Update 1 ASTX up 23%

M&A Moves Down the Food Chain: Otsuka to Buy Astex for ~$900M Astex Pharmaceuticals (ASTX $8.22) has been on our focus list since 12/27/11 at $1.63 and today the stock is up 23% on buy-out news as Otsuka seeks cancer drug pipeline. Coming soon, a comparison of mid-cap biopharma stocks. Astex (ASTX) is the 7th Company […]

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See This Week’s issue of Barron’s (JY 15 p 31)  for a good  summary of the  biotech sector.  See also our article at bottom of page from Investor Uprising in 2011.We have covered many ETFs and funds over the years and have favored Fidelity Select Biotechnology Fund (FBIOX) and ETFs such as IBB and XBI. […]

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