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Sierra SnowBlog: Good Storm Potential Next Week 2/26

Major Change in Weather Coming To West Coast By End of February Unisys Model Shows Breakdown of High Pressure Ridge by 2/27. Howard Sheckter sees MJO shift next weekend.A very technical discussion that means PPT! NOAA Shows an impressive low pressure front emerging next  week, with east Coast “polar express” moving out.Climate models from NOAA […]

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Sierra SnowBlog: Wet and Wild Weekend With More Coming (?) in February Update 1

Update- 1   FEB 14 9:40a PST Back Peddling on Storm: usual High Pressure Ridge-Sheckter NOAA Shows Weakening Storm For Next Week Same for Unisys Model-Blocking High Intellicast 10 Day shows ppt diminishing ————– Pineapple Express Dumps on California Sierra skiing has been bailed out for February and with a little more help  from Hawaii […]

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Sierra SnowBlog-Grim Precip Outlook for West Coast Update 1/24/14 PDO

Update 12 N 1/23/14 Accuweather is sticking their umbrellas out calling for rain in San Francisco on Feb 4-but today downgraded that forecast. Unisys gives us nothing for six days.Same for NOAA9mh.gif 720×729 pixels Sheckter offers Hope for early Feb as well: Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter Montana stormy period ahead. Bridger […]

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