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purchase prednisone 2/22/17 Update

CA Route One through Big Sur may be closed because of record 60 inches of rain.

“Other major retreats and resorts around Big Sur have also been shut down as portions of California Highway 1 have been ravaged by winter storms, flooded by waterfalls and cluttered with rocks, boulders and mudslides. A bridge, adjacent to one of the most visited tourist spots on the highway, appears to be damaged beyond repair.”

isotretinoin without prescription 2/17/17 Update


2/6/17  Update

  • Mammoth hits 374 inches of snow season to date.
  • Los Angeles two day rain should bring season ppt to 17 inches 2X normal.
  • Extended forecast for San Francisco shows rain through Friday the clearing Sat-Monday.


1/21/17 A third major storm is approaching California. An update will be posted tomorrow.

And for CA travelers here are current highway conditions. Check link below as well as other links in articles.

Here is radar for NorCal.

Mammoth Mountain Update.

Los Angeles weather

Sierra SnowBlog: A Little Relief Next Week 4/5, Drought… Update-1 4/7

Update -2 The Coot Indicator Look for coots (crane relative) on Little Lake at US 395 South of Lone Pine. Two weeks ago during a warming trend the coots were still there indicating winter was still on. The coots head out of the Eastern Sierras in the Spring. This a Winter Storm arrived. The coots […]

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SierraSnow Blog 2/27-3/3/15…. More Snowpack

More snow coming this weekend: Jet Stream  in Place earth :: an animated map of global wind, weather, and ocean conditions National Maps – NOAA’s National Weather Service 719×759 pixels Colder wetter bringing 12 in.+ Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter  

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SierraSnowBlog: Tiny Bit of Relief Coming Up…Update 2/23 Powder Day

2/23/15 I was at Mammoth Mountain today with light winds, partly sunny, temp in 20s. There was 8-12 in of light powder with great runs off Chairs 1, 2, 3 and 12 in early am. Stay tuned for March forecast. Colder With Some New Cover Even NOAA confirms precipitation and colder weather ahead beginning Sunday. […]

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SierraSnowBlog: “Box of Chocolates Storm” This Weekend 2/8/15

Update-1.. 2/6 Big rain is hitting NorCal. NB many are calling this storm a “Pineapple Express ” but if you click on “AR event” below you will see that it is more based on West to East orographic lifting not necessarily an event out of Hawaii. A technical nuance. Models now showing 6-7 in ppt […]

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Sierra SnowBlog Dec.10: Big Storm Is Coming Update-2, Winter Climate Update

12/23 Dry Period Ahead for the West After Little “Slider” Storm This Week 96f.gif 1,024×768 pixels Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter We may need to wait for an El Nino to kick in because we have a dry period ahead. Luckily we got some PPT last week. Climate Prediction Center – […]

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Sierra SnowBlog: Nov. 26, 2014 Significant Storm on the Way…Update-1

Update 12/3 Much Needed Heavy Rain Comes To  SoCal but Mammoth Gets Only~20 in Wet Snow Warm Weather Storm Hits The Coast The Mammoth snowman posted at 8 am and says the really big part of the storm headed North.A wet storm should help get us a good base. Sheckter optimistic on more snow […]

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Sierra SnowBlog Oct. 2014: White Is the New Orange

Update 11/5/14 No storms on the horizon for next week in the West, but check out this model for a “polar express” in the East and Midwest also creating a “blocking pattern” for the West: Massive Storm in the Pacific drives Arctic Outbreak into the U.S Next Week. Massive Storm in the Pacific […]

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Sierra SnowBlog.. St. Paddys Day Forecast..Storm by Month End

It has been a warm and dry snow season in the Sierras but the Mammoth season was saved  by two decent storms in February with 68.5 inches bringing the season total to 158 in of snow.Last year another dry season dropped 308 in with a big December.The next mark is 2011-12 with only 263 in and […]

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Sierra SnowBlog: Good Storm Potential Next Week 2/26

Major Change in Weather Coming To West Coast By End of February Unisys Model Shows Breakdown of High Pressure Ridge by 2/27. Howard Sheckter sees MJO shift next weekend.A very technical discussion that means PPT! NOAA Shows an impressive low pressure front emerging next  week, with east Coast “polar express” moving out.Climate models from NOAA […]

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Sierra SnowBlog: Wet and Wild Weekend With More Coming (?) in February Update 1

Update- 1   FEB 14 9:40a PST Back Peddling on Storm: usual High Pressure Ridge-Sheckter NOAA Shows Weakening Storm For Next Week Same for Unisys Model-Blocking High Intellicast 10 Day shows ppt diminishing ————– Pineapple Express Dumps on California Sierra skiing has been bailed out for February and with a little more help  from Hawaii […]

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