The reflation trade caught some bids today with energy, precious metal, real estate, agricultural and industrial stocks all following the lead of the financials.Many of the energy stocks are near their intermediate lows so this could be a good entry point for the longer term.As examples COP, KWK and SWN have all bounced off their lows on Friday with follow through today despite crude going nowhere in the $60 area.
Even the refiners found love with VLO up 4%. The XLE is about midway between 2009 lows of 38 and high of 53.
The TBT looks close to an intermediate bottom at 48-49 so can be a good hedge on rising interest rates with the 10 yr. Tsy down to 3.34% after being at its high 3.99% a month ago.
PAAS and AUY look ready for upside action as well with volume.
PPI and retail data coming along with earnings reports this week.

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