CEO Jay Flatley was on CNBC at 4:55p today with Maria Bartiromo.

Maria asked him why the Company did  not accept the Roche offer?

He answered ” because the offer was near  the stock’s low for the year and was opportunistic and did not reflect the  value of the Company.” Flatley also reiterated the huge opportunity for clinical sequencing particularly in oncology and many cancer centers are sequencing every tumor. There is also the potential of a clinical test for Trisomy 21 Down Syndrome and an alliance with Siemen’s in the HIV area.

Around the current price of $50, ILMN has good value because it is a leader in the field but also due to the good possibility that Roche will make  a higher offer than $44.50.Illumina has a book value of $1B, and a market cap of about $6B- that is about 6X the  2012 revenue forecast.For the alternatives to ILMN for Roche check out this article in Seeking Alpha.



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