Rayno SnowBlog West: Forecasters say we are on the “Edge of Wetness”

our website End of West Coast drought is forecasted for late February according to many reports.

Post Valentine PPT on the way:

Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter

End of mid-winter blahs:

Weather Geek : TahoeLoco.com

Many storms by the 16th:

AccuWeather.com – San Francisco Month Weather | Monthly Forecast for San Francisco, CA

983 Low Pressure off the Coast:

Unisys Weather

is it safe to buy Lyrica online Nat Gas requires more Cold??? Or less Inventory?? How Low can it Go?

At $4.03 we are near November lows of $3.93 despite coldest recent winter on record. Market is oversold and it makes you wonder how it was $12 a few years back and $6 last year!.EIA forecasts only $4.58 for 2012 as consumption is flat while production grew strongly from new technologies like shale recovery.

Look at FSNGX:

UNG Troubles to Continue Despite Stat Fixes – Yahoo! Finance

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