Update 11/5/14

No storms on the horizon for next week in the West, but check out this model for a “polar express” in the East and Midwest also creating a “blocking pattern” for the West:


Massive Storm in the Pacific drives Arctic Outbreak into the U.S Next Week. http://wp.me/p1srzO-1RZ

Massive Storm in the Pacific drives Arctic Outbreak into the U.S Next Week.
A re-curving Typhoon Nuri in the pacific will become a massive north Pacific storm this weekend. The results could be a huge arctic outbreak next week in the U.S. [ 345 more words. ]

Weak El Nino Sets Up First Snow of the Season

Mammoth looking for 6-12 in. snow through Saturday November 1. Mammoth opens in 15 days weather permitting. Opening Day at Squaw/Alpine is November 26.

  • Howard Sheckter calls a weak El Nino and first storm of the year. Longer range through 45 days could be 8 feet of snow through mid-December:

Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter

  • MammothSnowman is skeptical about the 2014-15 Season but likes the set-up:

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report & Weather – Photos and Video

  • Accuweather forecasts showers for Bay Area this weekend with but Jet Stream staying North:

Weather in San Francisco – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 94103

  • Intellicast sees one storm over Halloween then cloudy:

Intellicast – San Francisco Weather Report in California (94128)

  • NOAA 14 day forecasts above Normal PPT for NW but below Normal for CO and normal for CA. Winter outlook for winter in West is warmer with normal PPTWeak El NIno is 67% probability for next 1-2mos.

NOAA: Another warm winter likely for western U.S., South may see colder weather

Climate Prediction Center

Update in 5 days……

Conclusion for 2014/15 Season : TSTT (too soon to tell) but better than last year in Jan/Feb time frame.



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