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Risk appetite fades-reflation ebbing–Feb.25,2009

The treasury sold $32 Billion in Five Year Notes today to yield 1.985%.On Thursday the FED will sell 7 year notes for the first time since 1993. There is plenty of demand out there for “safe” treasuries so inflation appears to be under control. A slight uptick in Tsy yields is expected after Thursday. The […]

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Macro Reflation Trade-Update from Dec. 16, 2008

In December 2008 after the FED action to open money spigots we offered trading ideas primarily the following:precious metals, short treasury bonds,long industrial metals and long high yield corporate bonds. Here is what has moved since then: Gold and silver stocks up 12-20% FCX up 21% PCN Corp Bond Fund up 50% Gold up 8%,Silver […]

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Macro Reflation/Deflation update Feb 11,2009

Precious metals and mining stocks were strong today.Gold is up $26 to $928 and Silver up 42 cents to $13.4. Money flowed back into treasuries with a successful 10 year auction yielding 2.75%. As a result TSY short(TBT) is down again 2% at $45.25.Watch corporate bonds for stability, doing well since mid-Dec. Reviewing again meltdown […]

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