Buzzwords and Media Expressions: Updates through 11/24/23

11/24…on accidents…”walk off the curb the wrong  way”.. “living in extra innings”…

11/6/23 “I’m slammed”

9/12/23 “move the needle”…

8/31/23 ‘spamoflage”…

8/2423…”not inside his head”,”shrinkage”,

8/21/23 “epigenetic reprogramming”

8/2/23 ‘blocking and tackling” (old), cleans up nice,   ” train left the station”, read the room,

6/13/23 oldies for under 30 crowd: “ducks in a row”, “blue sky thinking”, ”low hanging fruit”, “touch base”. etc.

5/22/23..”welcome to my world”…(oldie)

5/13/23...oldies:  dollars to donuts, eyes wide open,  work the room,  in pickle ,  a lot to unpack.

new ones: one pepper menu item, filet bubble,  hall monitor

4/14/23…”corporado” , “so slammed”, buzzkill-old, trope,”remote working”,

4/10…’talk ’em off the ledge”,

4/8/23…”word salad”,   so whatever,

4/4/23…”in the twilight zone.”… “sucked all the air outta the room”…sandbox politics…”We’ll see” DJT…broga

3/28/23….gin-up,  fake fruit, emotional shrapnel, GOAT,

3/23/23….lots more oldies but not my favs;

“aint getting any younger”…”bee in his bonnet”…loose cannon…”you had a great run”….I’ll have your back…”drinking the kool aid”..”wake up call”…”nip in the bud”…”devil in the detail”…

2/23/23 ..more oldies- “low hanging fruit’, “get on the horn”. “rack out”, “analysis paralysis”, “out of pocket”. wake-up call, cards on the table…nip in the bud

1/24/23…”it’s a moth in flames situation”-Cramer,  “back up the truck”-an old one.

1/20/23 “more juiced to be squeezed from this lemon”

1/9/23…”back in the day”…pivot

11/18 ..”look past the divot”..

9/30 sports analogies :

in the 7th inning, shots on goal, over his skis, the balls in your court, slam dunk, Monday morning QB, best offense is a good defense, “softball question”,

6/15 “dust-up”,…Jack  Del Rio

move-on, let it go  not age appropriate?

“paint or get off the ladder”

5/25..PE Multiple Compression….what is value?

3/11/22…”face mute”-sound only on a zoom call, “brightside” v-  be too optimistic in a discussion

1/7/22. ‘I’m gonna skip this dance”,  “back in the day”

11/23. “everything is political these days”…,  ”  wordf**k  ”

10/27 Info Junkie

10/19/21. Guys:  “shake those last drops off  guys”…DR

“don’t look back, they may be gaining on you”

old one : “who are those guys”?

10/8/21 old ones: ” you have to eat your own dog food”, “talk your book”

10/5/21 “coloring outside the lines”, “back in the day”

8/18.21 metaverse, peak everything

6/9 ” Whaddya talkin’ about!?, YOLO as per meme trading.

5/10. ” a lot to unpack there”…

4/30 ” the dog that didn’t bark”..

3/16  “don’t police your feelings”…….

2/15 “diamond hands” and “paper hands”

1/31 “off ramp”, “bolt on”

1/29..”gamification” of trading e.g. GME,  again “Atmospheric River”

1/24 “Normalcy”…..

11/23 2020 Oxford Word of the Year: Blursday, doom scrolling, remote…..etc

10/24 mahoff, macher

10/9/20…”stay in your lane”,  “every rock being overturned”….

9/17 “deep dive into”,  gaffe–“herd mentality”

ya gotta know how ya roll ” , NHR; in craps or your strength and skill set

8/21 “its all ginned up”, Sen Ron Johnson on USPS concerns

7/24 shaming, concerning

7/13  “cancel culture”, woke, Black Lives Matter,

4/27 “bifurcation” like stocks are up while GDP is down, FOMO “fear of missing out”.

3/28 social distancing, cytokine storm, shelter in place

3/26 “herd immunity”, re-purpose drugs

3/23 social distancing,  bloviate, helicopter money-big bazooka

2/23/20 contagion,  dis-information

2/19/20 “get over it”-old, MSM -very old,

2/2/20 “deepfake”-using synthetic media to distort a photo or video

“unpack”- explain or try to understand new information

12/13/19..”you need ball control”…,skronk,  gasbagger

11/30/19 ” he puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else”.. (old one)

11/1819. ” when the curtain goes up you gotta have your mojo working”…..

“…..depends on the last man he talked to when he stepped out of the elevator…”

11/7/19. Internet pollution–random videos that pop up with sound on the web site

11/4/19 circumduction-movement of a limb so that the distal end describes a circle

10/30/19 ” ya gotta know how you roll”-Pete Najarian, Nick Rayno.

coterminous: having the same boundaries in space or meaning.

exfiltrate: withdraw troops or spies from a dangerous position

10/23/19..from BIO;  “re-purpose”,  “politician based -solutions are a blunt tool”

“wilderness of mirrors”, portmanteau ,

from twitter –so sad today…”obsessive thinking feels just about right”

9/25/19…” a lot to unpack there”…re- information

6/27/19…..”welcome to the world I live in”……, monumental,

6/ 11/19. “put your finger on the scale”…

5/29… “trap door”, “outside my area of expertise”

5/27…”nobody cares until somebody cares”…about Huawei.

5/22/19…mercurial, glide path

5/16/19 …hopium, automagical

4/20/19 “melt-up”, FOMO-“fear of missing out’  both regarding bullish outlook on stocks.

3/25/19…clothier says ” you don’t want to look like a schlub“; puts his “thumb on the scale”,

“I got a guy”,  “he ‘s your guy for that”.

2/13/19… old one-“taken to the woodshed”

1/10/19 ” spread the love bro”…

12/24/18 “cringe-worthy”, mauschwitz

12/18 from SV…”let me unpack that”…

12/13/18 “ghosting”-going silent or absent in a relationship, “poncy”-pretentious

12/6/18 …”uncertainty”, “volatility”, “whistling pass the graveyard”, “bee in his bonnet ”

11/12 ..”weaponize”, “pick the lock”


9/25…”what are you talking about?!”..aggressive conversational comment

9/19…”what’s the hesitation”?  from TD Ameritrade Ad on shooting pool

8/30…”thrown under the bus”–old one coming back

8/12  “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube”

8/2…”your shot clock has expired” (no more pitch time), “hate mail”

7/23 “he has your back”…i.e. you got support

7/18/18…”he is a beast”, “that ship has sailed”, “I was not in the room”, “do the math”

6/29…”bro culture”…pundit referring to old Nike management team

6/6/18…tail risk,  “nothing burger”..

5/9…. “rattle their cage” (old)

5/2/18  …”read-out on the print”…

4/27/18 Flywheel…driver of business ie Amazon strategy

4/24/18 “when you peel back the wall paper what you find”

4/18/18 “juju”, good vibes or good luck surroundings

4/16/18 entangled (old but good still), psychidyllic (new)

4/11/18 “what we have here is a failure to communicate” , “Cool Hand Luke”

4/11/18 “let Trump be Trump”, FOX

4/9/18 “micro-aggressions”, agro, passive-aggressive

3/19/18 “if the rain holds up it won’t come down”,  ” if it’s not one thing it’s your mother”, “when the next card turns over”

2/28/18 “white lies”

2/18/18 “that’s right”, “show a little leg”,

2/2/18 “different bite of the apple”

1/17/18 “back on their heels”

1/11/18 smart phone addict

1/10/18 algorithms , machine learning, supercomputing, big data

12/15/17 “move the chains”…

12/5/17 “pillow talk”..from long ago , re corporate romances

11/20/17 “tribe”

11/17/17 “paint the tape”, hiccup, “fade it”

11/8/17 “dysfunctional and transparent ” way overused

9/27/17 ” genie is out of the bottle”-old but back again

9/22/17 “we’ll see” DJT

….”her contentment  undermines my ambition”…Ben Stiller

character….Movie-“Brad’s Status”

9/15/17 “Don’t bro me”….RSR

8/8/17 “secret sauce’ is back, hyper scale, push back, pivot-really big in politics, “get into your head”, high touch business-needs a lot of managers.

7/19/17 Motion capture -digital film technique

6/27/17 “Auto da fe’ : ceremony for pronouncing judgement by the Inquisition

6/8/17 “no fuzz” on information, troll, “colors inside the lines”

6/5/17 new political jargon–“populitists”, “libertrarians”

6/1/17 “on our heels”, “weaponize”, “add protein to your salad?”, lobsterize

1/23/17   ALL NEW:  “alt facts”, “animal spirits”,  “tape bomb”

1/5 “adults in the room” ..reaching cliche levels

12/30 “genderize”-make a critical comment based upon one’s gender

12/9…”post-truth”–reflects a world where facts matter less in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.(see Oxford dictionary)

10/16 “guard rail”-some type of boundary as  a figure of speech

9/16  LDL=”let’s discuss live” not in an e mail

“empty calories”-a portfolio or product group within a company that is not core to business

8/18  “dog whistle” -a media message presumably targeted to a select population

7/13 “giving froth” -getting media attention or hype

“reached out”-try to connect

6/15 “where the puck is going” -trending,  “turn on the lights”-getting followers or hits

5/5 “in the weeds”- information that may not be obvious  or  hard to uncover

4/29 “slow-leavers” people who get in their car at a parking spot as if they are leaving then hang out to check their phones  etc or just don’t want to be rushed

12/2 “normie”, different direction

11/16 “all hat and no cattle”

11/12  “off the grid”, “marinate some ice cubes”

11/5 blockchain, “locked-in”-as in the groove

10/5 hacktivist


bon mot, porn-brain, sanguine

8/10/15 “listicles”

8/5/15 “TV bundle”




bête noire, roman a clef



blunt tool

synthetic credit- a structured financial product or derivative created for high yield


“brain rape”- stealing business ideas or IP

dynamic layering-used in manipulation of stock market trades

spoofing-Email trickery like faking the origin of a message


“potpreneur”-weed biz


“hair on fire”, “get a ride”, “go social”,


wonky, ecosystem


Teen street talk from the 50s in “Rebel Without a Cause” : too much, twisted, hang loose, crazy, flake out, fuzz, cool and grass.


“flesh in the game”

“lost in the weeds”

“right as rain”



“good to go”, “out on our skis”, “it’s nothing”


boundaries ( as in psych ), twitter storm

DO NOT USE–…..”throw out baby with the bathwater”…Why can’t somebody come up with an alternative?


“mind meld”, “optics” now overused, “take it to social”-within the Company


“good for him” , Greg in gym 2014

“get it while you can”, WR Weston MA 1993


“be constructive”, tax inversion deals


“off message”, “crowded trades”


de minimus  ( e.g.level of risk is small)


conscious uncoupling..Gwyneth..

data driven


micro-targeted marketing e.g. single women 20-29 who watch “New Girl”

aligned, alignment


de minimus

game face

Eww!    From Jimmy Fallon Late Night

entangled (still good)

bubble, bubblet

battle stations, go down in flames


from NFL “thug”

from politics “red meat elements”

from media “herding goats”

random net surfing “cyberloafing”


Verbal Tics? … “I just want you to know”…

Why Verbal Tee-Ups Like ‘To Be Honest’ Are a Signal of Insincerity –


“reversion to mean”

“fat finger trade”

“polar vortex”

anthropocene era-The Lost World


WSJ looking for overused, buzzwords to ban and our list contains many.

Which Buzzwords Would You Ban? – —-Start with “move the needle”. ‘Lumpy” getting overused as well.


goggle gap-when your ski goggles don’t reach the helmet

chicken head-bobbing your head to music


big data



vapor stock


“If you don’t schmooze you lose”

“hug it out”


“boil the ocean”

(something hard to do)



–worry, fear and anxiety, concern etc–

From “The World According to Garp”



–snipping melodies from another song–








high altitude vision


“He’s a dog you don’t leave on the porch”

Texas proverb about someone who is hard to control.


A blundering person; a bungler: scattershot.


“cinemagraphic carnival”

comment by Mark Leibovich talking about the Washington gold rush in his book “This Town”.




“this side of the grass” ,   Fempire


“hair on fire”, secret sauce, “drinking through a fire hose”, “dog that caught the bus”




paywall, paycation




conundrum, “Q” score

taper (as in FED easing), translational medicine (understand clinical implications earlier  in drug discovery)


squirrely, disruptive, “on its heels”, “macro tourists”, “hard wire”, “overplay their hand”


delight, delightful



give lotta love, train wreck, white on rice (old), behind the curve, hall pass, harsh, later

and old ones coming back today in LATimes: “feather in the cap”, “step up to the plate”


lockdown,  bubblet


flyover, artisanal, give color, OK

Useless Buzzwords

Banned Buzzwords from Lake Superior State Univ.

e.g. doubledown, guru, superfood, spoiler alert etc

different direction


ruggedize (DF)

aesthetic medicine


over their skis


“painting the tape”


“adult supervision”—huge

“good for you”

5/9/12 New

emotional IQ




“Above the Rim”

New Buzzwords 2/28/12



Technology Loop (from Portlandia)

Take a knee

WORD of the Day:   Vaporized

MFnGlobal customer funds were vaporized.

Buzzwords and Org Jargon

(needs a little editing)

Ever sit in a meeting and hear a word and say hmm that says it, who started that expression? New buzzwords are created faster than ever as pop culture and media rule. Katie Couric (ex-Today Show) for example was the buzzword and hairdo queen.

But do you get annoyed* by someone who uses hackneyed buzzwords or popular ones repetitively? Like almost when every sentence uttered gets the refrain “exactly”or “zactly”. And by now we all hate “Hell-low” and “on the same page”. Believe it or not ,”throw out the baby with the bathwater” is back more than ever”. Well here is a working compendium of some commonly used jargon. Don’t stop here. We hope you will create your own buzzwords and start a trend, but these new words have a very short half-life before annoyance sets in. Send your buzzwords to for updating this list.

Expression of the year is WDF.


micromanage    in the eighth (7th) inning
strategic fit    out of the loop
juice    out of pocket (way, way old)*
tactical    at the end of the day (way old)*
revisit    process (noun or verb)
in here    end of the world
synergy    think outside the box *
pro-active    move the needle (dial)
game plan    moving(going) forward
fast track    connect the dots
rebalancing    lost the recipe
leverage-de(ing)    result driven
empower    touch base; hit the cover off the ball
deliverables    take that off-line
reinvent    our plate is full*
traction    client or customer focused
drivers    float an idea; put a feeler out
benchmark    boo-yah!
vetted    stakeholders
in the rear view mirror    artifact of the deal
validate    core competencies
burn-rate    back up the truck
rebalance    blocking and tackling*
win (-win),need a win    head’s up
behind the curve    growth engine
blockbuster    knowledge base
breakthrough    mind-set (share)
conundrum    push the envelope*
flattening    bottom line
execution    progressive approach
aggressive    key takeaway
ask(noun)*    buy-in
robust    best practice
slippery slope    value added
impudence    feet on the street
giveback, pushback    work through
granularity    transparent(cy)
north of (higher)*    on the same page*
baked in (the cake)    penny drops quickly
team    landscaped vacuumed
compelling    loose cannon*
grab-bag    bit rate
scale-able    founder-itis
convergence    shots on goal
raising the bar*    land grab
disruptive    blackbox
workaround    ebb and flow
multitasking    culture
switch gears    morph
on the edge    atomization
liquidity    ramp
good call    can do
crash and burn    additional runway
good cop, bad cop    elephant hunt
better landscape    roll ups
red flag    whisper mill
accountable    softball questions
outsource    branched out
footprint    well crafted
slam dunk    modulated
go flat    actionable
war room*    sharp elbows*
off message    food chain
juice    jingle mail
biomarker    that’s the market
arch an eyebrow    business rhythm
..I can taste it..    eyeball
paper up    dodged a bullet
hot seat    ouch!

drill down(on it), player

talk their book, blahflation

relo, clawback

giddyup, disruptive (technology)

golden coffin, “drill, drill, drill” (Kudlow)

solutions*  ,”land banks” (Cramer)

on the horn* , holy cow!

crowded trade, liquidity backstop

monetize, liar loans

telepresence, bailout

upside down, cash runway

spot on, bench strength

derivatives, meltdown

back channel, backstory, tone deaf

skin in the game, mad as hell

toxic assets, franken-derivatives

zombie banks, legacy assets

lockdown, full body contact

lumpy, green-lit

headline risk , optics

due negligence, cap and trade

fresh eyes, lift the hood up

talk your book, shoe to drop

new normal, crowded trade

double-dip, price discovery

stalled, Goldilocks economy

fat tail, good cop/bad cop

algo trades, robo-trades

give color, bolt on

crowded trade, wow data

strategic alternative

General Use Buzzwords

cool    wavelength    brainstorm
focused    bandwidth    judgement call
trendy    kick-back*    24/7 (way overused)*
buzz    absolutely    paradigm (can be used 1001 ways!)*
edgey*    wildcard    over the top
exactly*    connected    relationship
whatever*    tape loops    hipster
chill    hell-lo!*    wake-up call
holy grail    furshure    high maintenance
nabobs    doom-mongers    the darkside
face time    hottie, hunk    do ya think?
twisted    green    rewind, go-back
bubble-up    soundbite    dude, bro, bra, bud
hold court    so over    phone-tag (obsolete)
bummer    fun    prickly
move on    topical    get a life
wassup*    whatup    it rocks*
planet    awesome    best in class*
issues    suck it up    get a little love

entangled    perfect storm    way too much (time)
later    wink and nod    digerati
granite*    who knew?    optics,optical
dovetail    present    hassle (way old)
the new-    vibe    political storm
dialed in    truculent    blackbox*
be safe    sweet    hold’s court
tripped-out    sticky    hardbody
eye candy    organically    townie
stoked    sick    scuttlebutt
mojo    hoot    homey
rad    dumbrella    bellwether
mutt    very tired    get a life
neg    shred    my friend
well duh    keeper    doyenne
meat eaters    bread of life    pachyderm proportions
bummer    perky    gravitas
proclivities    predilection    wonky
bonding    agenda    snarky
prescient    baggage    chary
embedded    footprint    grazing
buzzkill    Koombayah    grim
it matters    comfort food    do-overs
wicked, bimbotante, jagoff  (PIT)

big table ,celebutante, hat in hand

turnkey#, leading edge#, a leader#

bitchin’ , sketchy . uh oh, harsh

grim, end of story, namaste

honey-do’s* ,epiphany, gateway drug

Joe SixPack,  genetic obedience, hyphenate

Gut check. head fake, dystopian

Lollygaggin’ ,Fourth Estate

Old school ,brainworm, backstory

Drunk dialed, foodie, slide path

Blowout,  ego-parked

Rope a dope , didn’t get the memo

Back channel, work around

Keep it real, for sure


Cross collateralized, white space

Random Expressions and Idioms

Feeling their oats*
It’s a slam dunk
Way of the buffalo
This time it’s different
How do we turn lemons into lemonade?
Is the juice worth the squeeze?
Elephant in the room
It is what it is
Trippin’ very hard
Always be closing (Glen Garry Glen Ross)
Smell the coffee
Whaddya got for me?
I coulda been a contendeh
Life in the slow (fast) lane
Life is good
Step up to the plate
Walk the walk, talk the talk*
Be careful what you wish for.
Where the rubber meets the road
Hotel California deal-can get in but can’t get out
Size doesn’t matter
Late to the party
Been there, done that*
We’re running out of road (need more leeway).
I am out of bandwidth. We need more bandwidth.
Ping me.
Where is the upside?
Lots of FUD.
Be here now.
Thank you very much.
From the get-go.
Don’t go there*
Shot across the bow.
…on the planet….
Life is good
It is not you, it is me.
Recipe for making money.
You must chill.
I’d like to say…
Cut to the chase.
Takes the air out of the balloon.
When the balloon drops
Use it or lose it
Paint by numbers
800 lb. Gorilla*
Do what ya gotta do
The horse is outta the stable
…he(she) has a lotta issues*
roll their eyes out with the bathwater…(it is back!)*
..way overdone by the media..
asleep at the switch*
..the end is near..
There is no there there….Gertrude Stein
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
I gotta have more cowbell (SNL)
..taking on water..
..put lipstick on a pig..
..greasy pole of success..TSEliot
..then the wheels came off…
..he deserves the toast with stale beer with the cig butts swimming on top..
what da f*ck…!
opaque or transparent market/company
catch a falling knife
someone hits the windshield(in a momentum market)
we don’t know what we don’t know
I don’t wanno know nothing about anything
Nobody knows anythingIt aint what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just aint so.”–Mark Twainmore… more ….more
Last one at the table

It’s like anything

Deep end of the pool

Puts his pants on one leg at a time

Depends on the meaning of is is

Hat in hand

Pull your socks up

It’s a wrap

Moral compass

Look behind the curtain

Kick the can down the road(really popular)

Runts of the litter

Risk aversion

It’ll be a dark Christmas

Humanistic event (Kudlow)

NINA-no income no assets

Catch a falling knife

Fatuous blather

Play the other side

Angle is too steep.

Dollars to donuts (way old)

He is uncomfortable in his own skin.

It is as high as an elephant’s eye

Take away the punch bowl

Comparative effectiveness research (healthcare)

”Try to have a good day Dude ”.  Liftline Alta 1999

Sample sentences (with new expressions)

That’s good, but focusing on the core competency is always a key driver for our growth engine.
Also executing these deliverables into a viral marketing approach will leverage the business model to achieve mind-share and reach critical mass. If that works, I think building a new value chain with channel partners and other stakeholders could help you gain traction and hit the†next release†out of the park.† If you need support, I could contribute human capital to the cause but that would require†fully valued†remuneration with an incentivized bonus scale.
That is what I’m talkin’ about.

At the end of the day, we should stop looking in the rear view mirror and reinvent ourselves, but try not to get over the top. Otherwise it’ll be a do-over.

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