Biotech Stocks Mixed But Outperform the Market on a Down Day…Updates-BMRN GILD REGN TDOC

2/24 Update at close; A big sell-off on coronavirus pandemic fears with major indices down about 3%. Teledoc Health (TDOC) up 0.66% to $114.26. Our top pick from JPM 2019. Biopharma winners: GILD up 4.6%, REGN up 5.5% on safety concerns with Novartis drug. MRNA up 2.2%- Phase 1 study for novel mRNA coronavirus vaccine to begin. ======== Biotech Stocks Mixed on a Down Day with the NAZ Down 1.79% but off the lows. Coronavirus Fears Weigh on Stocks and Global growth--Macro risk is back. Energy,...

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Stealth Drought Hits Sierras and California

Stealth Drought Hits Sierra Nevada in 2020 Dry Spell Yet Ahead But Previous Wet Years Have Allayed Concerns. I just heard from my son that Bridger Bowl near Bozeman, Montana had  6 ft of snow since FEB 1 and 220 inches for the season.But here in SoCal we have had only trace amounts of rain in 2020 and Mammoth Mountain is high and dry for many weeks.But we have had two good wet years out of five so the recent dry spell has not raised concerns yet. Here is a quick review of period history in...

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Raygent Focus Stocks -2020: Bristol-Myers, (BMY), Glaukos (GKOS),Teledoc (TDOC)…Update-2

Update-2 Mid-day trading 2/21 NAZ down 1.14%-Biotech stocks held their levels on a down day. Most large cap Raygent focus stocks are in green: ABBV,BMY,GILD  up 4%, RHHBY. Mid-caps are mixed but BMRN is up 5%. Healthcare sector was a leader up 0.1% ============ Update-1 Feb 19 A Risk -On Day with NAZ leading up 0.87%, IBB up 0.87%, XBI up 0.8% BMY down 0.54%, RHHBY up 1.44%. GKOS down 0.785, IHI up 0.67%. TDOC up 0.1% to $117.36. We are adding to mid-caps:  CRSP INCY. ============= Raygent...

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