About Us

can you buy gabapentin online Raygent.com provides financial and strategic advisory services based upon over 25 years experience in the industry on the management side with in-depth knowledge of technology and business models. The buy Lyrica 150 mg Raygent life science market report has been published since 2005 including the “Guide to Biotechnology Investing “published originally in 2004. All previous articles beginning 2009 are available for viewing on the website. 


diclofenac christmas 10 mg g gel follow link Raygent equity portfolio picks are based on a proprietary model that includes technology analysis, new product and pipeline review, financial analysis and management strength.


Consulting Services that can be provided by Raygent Associates:

  • Unique Expertise for Business Development
  • Business planning, strategy and partnering
  • Licensing-IP, technology and product development
  • Research and Due Diligence
  • Assessment and valuation of companies and technologies
  • Direction of business models
  • Intellectual Property for early stage companies
  • Valuation and analysis of small cap public companies
  • Strategic partnering and licensing to build value


Rod Raynovich, Founder, Raygent Associates

Rod Raynovich is the founder of Raygent Associates, a management consulting firm providing business development and strategic marketing services in the life science and in vitro diagnostics  sector. He publishes his market report on the life science markets at www.raygent.com.

Rod Raynovich is an experienced biotech investor and analyst with a focus in vaccines, life science tools, clinical diagnostics (IVDs) and biopharmaceuticals. Prior to starting Raygent, he was a technology transfer officer for UCLA and he has held various executive positions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, including senior positions at NASDAQ listed medical device companies. He has also been involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures in biotech and diagnostics. Prior to that Mr. Raynovich held management positions at JNJ and Abbott.