BIO International Convention This Week June 27-30; News on AMGN,GILD

We will be attending the BIO Meeting in Washington DC and will not be posting as usual.

Note that there were two news items over the weekend on our portfolio stocks:

A positive article on Gilead (GILD) in Barron’s.

Gilead Sciences Shares Could Rally –

Another article in Barron’s which was also covered on CNBC was that with healthcare stocks up 11% YTD we could get some rebalancing out. They mentioned that the short interest on ETF’s in  the sector was  high at 26%.

A Release from Amgen regarding Modification for Use of EPO (more conservative dosing) . The stock could be weak Monday:

Amgen Announces Modifications to U.S. Prescribing Information for Use of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents in Chronic Kidney Disease – Yahoo! Finance

Amgen-J&J Anemia Drugs Get Lower FDA Dosing Recommendations – Bloomberg

Overall the action has been choppy lately but most biotech indices have held up for the week.

The QQQ was actually up 1.1% for the week although down 4.83% over 30 days.

Also one of the trends supporting M&A-R&D for new drugs is harder than ever and spending is lower.

Drug R&D spending fell in 2010, and heading lower | Reuters

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