The Rayno Life Science Portfolio was down 1.76% today which in itself is not alarming but given the weekly volatility against a back-drop of macro issues it is time to avoid  complacency. Let’s start with the MO players who are those investors with more money than reason but nonetheless have huge gains in selected stocks and can move them up on the right day. Netflix (NFLX) may be the poster child of 2011 MO as the business model has been argued every which way but in the Land of Facebook and LinkedIn (LNKD) who knows? How many people do you know who will purchase everything on the Internet (AMZN $214) and just hate going to stores?

Back to BIO world many stocks took a hit later today and for now we will call it profit taking. XBI ($73.62) a popular ETF took a 2.55% hit although it is still up 15% YTD. This interestingly was down in line with our mid-cap biopharma index down 2.58%. The FBT was down 2.2% and roughly even over 5 trading days.

Where do we take our cues from this sell-off :

Here is our MO watch list trading down today on higher than average volume

driven up by hedgies and biotech who know how to work biotech stocks:

ARIA ($12.60) down 5.55%

INCY ($18.55) down 5.5%

ONTY($8.32) down 14.14%

More analysis later this week.

Diagnostics and tools stocks traded more in line with the market with the exception of the mystery stock Accelr8(AXK $4.20) up 13.8%!

Accelr8 Announces Continuation and Expansion of BACcel™ Development Collaboration – Yahoo! Finance

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