Early Stage Diagnostic Players With Novel Biomarkers

We posted an overview on Seeking Alpha of two emerging diagnostic companies focused in novel clinical biomarkers which are FDA cleared. Products are now being launched with a revenue build expected by Q2 2012. As we get news and more financial data we will update this post.

Institutions own 40% of BGMD stock and 75% of the float with Capital World and GE the largest holders. Institutions own 14% of VRML and 17% of float with major holder S.A.C. Capital Advisors.

The latest news on each Company is a patent allowance for Vermillion and Galectin-3 clinical data from BG Medicine.

For detailed information on the technology and products of these companies check out their WEB sites: BG Medicine based in Waltham, MA and Vermillion based in Austin TX.

Neither of these stocks are currently in the Rayno Life Science Portfolio and there are no personal holdings.

Company BGMedicine Vermillion  
Price 4/3 $7 $2
Market Cap$M $139.40 $30.10
Cash Bal.$M 28 22
Book Value 24.7 10.3
Retain.Earn$M -108.6 -316
Rev Est 2012$M 2.9M 2.9M
EPS Est 2012 ($1.25) ($0.94)
Lead Product Galectin-3 OVA1
Disease focus Cardiovascular Ovarian cancer
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