In a volatile sell-off day involving tech stocks, the biotech world was relatively calm. Despite good news on corporate earnings and a GDP with an annual 5.7% annual growth, investors chose to take profits even on solid player like Microsoft down over 3% today. Market Strength is routinely being sold. Biotech stocks stayed out of the fray with some even up: AMGN,CBST,GENZ,GILD,and a handful of smaller caps.
Here is the 12 month performance of major Life Science ETF’s and selected funds taking into account that January tends to be strong for biotech.T.Rowe Price and BlackRock are more diversified funds with general health,pharmaceutical and biotech stocks.

Jan 29, 2010 Price % gain 12 mos.period

FBIOX (Fidelity) $66.50 10%
HQL 9.60 9
IBB 83.8 19.7
PBE 17 21.4
PRHSX (T.Rowe) 26.1 34
SHSAX (Blackrock) 26.4 27.8
XBI 55.7 3
XPH 38.5 28.3

Rayno Life Science Model Portfolio 16%

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