The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Novartis (NVS) will collaborate with Pathwork Diagnostics on the development of biomarkers across a range of cancer types that would capitalize on the trend to “match patients with the right medicines”. Pathwork, a venture funded Company in Redwood City,CA has an FDA approved “Tissue of Origin” test molecular test for tumors utilizing a microarray based RNA ¬†platform. The Agreement is co-exclusive and both companies have the rights to develop and commercialize any diagnostic products developed.

This deal expands Novartis’ strategic focus in diagnostics and the Company’s belief in the synergy with pharmaceuticals. Since 1998 Novartis has had a collaboration with GenProbe (GPRO), as a result of the Novartis acquisition of Chiron Corporation, to develop and market nucleic acid tests and instruments in the blood screening market. Tests are for hepatitis,HIV and West Nile Virus.

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