ASCO Meeting Coming Up May 31

With the ASCO Meeting coming up at the end of the month, we are pleased to provide oncology pipeline data from Linda Pullan. There was a lot of interest on this WEB site when we provided data in June 2010.

The link is Pullan’s Pieces #81 April 2013. Her recent data shows the following drug companies have the largest oncology sales: Roche, Novartis and Celgene, the leader among large cap biotechs (Data also from Evaluate Pharma). Although Roche has the largest cancer pipeline, it may not be large enough to grow cancer drug sales. Celgene with big sales in cancer does not appear to have a pipeline with a predictable number of launches. GSK has an impressive 40 cancer compounds in development which is large especially relative to their sales in oncology. GSK has a pipeline which is sure to grow their sales in oncology . See details particularly Sales Replacement Power in above link.

Also from ASCO here is a Preliminary Agenda of a May 30 Seminar: New Drugs in Oncology.

From the recent BIO Meeting in Chicago, Campbell Alliance presented a study titled “Deal Makers Intentions 2013”,  that concluded  “Oncology remains the therapeutic area where companies say they are ‘most likely’ or ‘very likely’ to conduct an in licensing program in 2013”. Campbell Alliance also noted a shift to early stage deals even pre-clinical and Phase 1 compounds.

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