Platform Technologies Are In Demand: M&A Driver Intact

Exact Sciences (EXAS $7.50) continued to run today up 3% and 1.3 pts in five days on no apparent news except presentations at recent investment conferences. The Company is developing a molecular diagnostic platform for detection of altered sDNA associated with colon cancer. Three biomarker pathways are being utilized: DNA methylation, DNA mutation and hemoglobin. A pivotal clinical trial should be underway by Q3.

Qiagen (QGEN $20.41) is up 0.5% and announced Sunday that it will make a bid for the Australian diagnostic Company Cellestis for $355 or A$3.55 sh. Cellestis has a diagnostic platform called QuantiFERON which has been marketed for detection of latent TB (tuberculosis) and CMV(cytomegalovirus) with potential for other DNA or RNA, ¬†high sensitivity early disease tests. According to Celelstis, QuantiFERON technology provides “pre-molecular” information on latent infections where pathogens are present in low amounts that are difficult to detect with traditional DNA tests. Cellestis Revenues for the year ended June 30,2010 were $42M with a profit of $10.6M.

QIAGEN Makes Proposal to Acquire Australian Diagnostics Company Cellestis Limited – Yahoo! Finance

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