Santa Claus Making Fast Tracks

Nasdaq is up 1% as of midday trading and life science stocks are strong across the board. The IBB is up 2.29%, XBI up 1.8 %.The holiday spirit pervades. Movers among the Rayno Life Science focus stocks are the usual suspects plus many smaller caps:

Tools and Diagnostics

ABAX up 1.4%,CSII up 2%, NEOG up 3.4%, NSPH up 1.84%, NSTG up 2.9%, QDEL up 2.3%, and SQNM up 4%.


AMGN up 1.84%, BIIB up 1.68%, CBST up 1.55%, GILD up 2.12 %, IMGN up 3.9%, PCYC up 2.75%, REGN up 2.6% and VRTX up 1.9%.

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