Expect to be back by 10/25 in the meantime see previous two posts.

Biotech stocks remain choppy. Hold mode with 10% cash.


Big action has moved to Internets and new media.

See Raynoreport.com for market updates.


Futures are up almost 1% as of 8:50a EDT 10/10/13

IBB should stabilize well above support of $190.

GILD up $2.25 pre-market to $61.15.

BIIB up $4.95 to $229.

Large caps are the place to nibble for those underweighted.


I am traveling for the next two weeks and will not be posting on a regular basis.

Check portfolios from last review:

Rayno Life Science Portfolios July 1, 2013 Update | Raygent.com



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