Update August 15 : Biotech Leads But Healthcare Sector Lags

IBB up 0.92% to $295, XBI up 1.33% to $63.35, XLV up 0.17% to $74.91

The tape was pretty decent despite a quiet day with ALXN up 1.97%, AMGN up 1.49% and CELG up 1.08%.

Mid-caps also found bids: ALKS up 2.91%,ALNY up 2.16% and VRTX up 0.94%.

Among the big movers today were ARRY up 3.4%, CLVS up 4.74%, KITE up 3.91%, PACB up 4%, ZIOP up 7.33%

Even Valeant (VRX) turned around up 6.7%.

All of our focus stocks are holds including IBB.


Biotech Breakout-Hold Off On New Buys For Now

IBB down 3% over 5 days; the more volatile XBI is down 5%

Healthcare Stocks Are Weak

Biotech stocks have rallied about 20% since the Brexit bottom on June 27 so wait for some consolidation before adding new positions to your portfolio. The intermediate highs for the sector were reached last Friday. A red screen dominated trading today with mid-caps taking big hits: ALKS down 2.62%, ALNY down 4.1%, INCY down 3.46%,VRTX down 3%. Many of these stocks benefited from the takeover buzz from Biogen (BIIB) buyout speculation.  Here are some of the moves for Rayno Portfolio stocks over the past month. All of these stocks are off August 4 highs but remain holds.

Abbvie (ABBV) $66.43 up 3.55%

bluebird bio (BLUE) $53.52 up 9.78%

Bristol-Myers (BMY) $60.58 down 19.5%

Foundation Health (FMI) $25 up 12.6%

Gilead Sciences (GILD) $78.90 down 0.78%

Roche ADR $31.69 (RHHBY) down 2%

iShares NASDAQ Portfolio Index (IBB) $288.81 up 6.5%

We need to consolidate gains after such a huge short term move especially after the disappointing clinical news on the Bristol- Myers (BMY) lung cancer drug Opdivo. Merck (MRK) shares rallied 6.8% since last week because they are perceived to have a better cancer drug with Keytruda.

  • Technicals are very weak; healthcare sector is listless.
  • Clinical data in oncology cast doubts on breakthroughs in oncology drugs.
  • Need some M&A to re-ignite sector; Medivation (MDVN)?
  • NASDAQ action needs to continue leadership.
  • Earnings from large cap biopharma were OK.
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