What will it take to drive the biotech sector to new highs?

As we approach new highs for the biotech sector in 2015 here are some market trends to watch as the technicals get a little choppy. The next major indicator will be 2015 Q1 earnings. Stay tuned.

  1. Momentum of high fliers is broken and unlikely to reach new highs until Q4: AGIO BLUE JUNO KITE etc.
  2. ETFs are still near all time 2015 highs. Look for divergences or mutual funds to catch up should a major correction occur.
  3. Celgene (CELG) vs Gilead Sciences (GILD). We like the financial metrics of GILD over CELG.
  4. Will IPOs remain strong especially in the aftermarket?
  5. Will healthcare stocks continue to lead the market? XLV at $70.44

Disclosure long FBIOX and GILD.


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