Update Next Day...Green Screen in Biotech…1/16…Complete reversal all up

XBI at $197.95 UP 3%

AGIO up 3.6%, BLUE up 4.78%, JUNO up 12.4%, KITE up 10.2%, NLNK up 2.4%, PBYI up 9.4%, ZIOP up 1.76%

Red Screen Day in Biotech

NASDAQ 4584 down 1.18%    Euro down to $1.16     Gold at $1262 up $27.60

On a day when the Swiss National Bank surprised us with removal of their currency cap who knew it would be connected to a biotech sell-off? Or was it momentum traders betting on the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference BioBuzz getting out? Or was the CHF used as a currency for the carry trade by hedge funds? Stay tuned for fall-out.

Hot stocks in Oncology and CAR-T technology plays are selling off. (Many insiders are able to sell after their IPOs.) Most of these stocks were up big over 3 mos. fueled by momentum traders.

AGIO off 5.87%, BLUE off 8.27%,, JUNO off 11.8%, KITE off 11%, NLNK off 7.9%, PBYI off 2.34%,  ZIOP off 8%

No doubt insider sales are a factor in some of these that are recent IPOs. KITE is down 16% today on volume of 3.5M shares.

(none of these stocks are in the Rayno Biopharmaceuticals Portfolio)

Roche Holdings (RHHBY) ADR $35.91 is up 2% because of CHF currency appreciation. Large cap biotechs are down about 1.5%


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