Biotech Stocks Up YTD Despite Choppy Tape

NASDAQ 4857.61 approaching March 10, 2000 high of 5048.62

IBB at 320.42 up 5.63% YTD and 351% over 10 Years

We have updated our post from 7/1/13 on the Rayno Biopharmaceutical Portfolio with re-balancing.  We are approaching all time highs touched in late January 2015. The life science portfolios were initiated in 2008 with major picks in March 2009.  Note that we do not call “sell” in the portfolio only risk on or “risk off”. The most important strategy in biotech investing has been to to HOLD long term but 2015 will require a more cautious approach. Here is a quick review:

  • ETFs are all up and comparable for the ~20 month period. Our top ETF pick, the FBT was up 80.5%. Just one ETF holding can offer a good sector allocation, but traders are always looking for hot stocks.
  • Six stocks in our portfolio were acquired with big gains. M&A a major factor among small and mid caps.
  • The Top Five Winners excluding acquisitions were: Alkermes (ALKS) up 138%, Gilead Sciences (GILD) up 93.6%, Pharmacyclics (PCYC) up 92%, Alexion (ALXN) up 81% and Biogen Idec (BIIB) up 78%.
  • Our mid-cap picks outperformed the sector including ETFs.
  • Our new “small cap”picks are all up since initiation: Celldex Therapeutics (CLDX), Clovis Oncology (CLVS) and Fibrocell Science (FCSC).

Going forward and since late 2014 we posted a “motif” view of our portfolio: Large Caps, Mid Caps and Speculative Small Caps. However portfolio changes are not summarized in real time only updated at the end of the quarter unless posted otherwise. One must read every post or search categories and stocks to get timely information.We apologize for the format which needs a software update with Excel to be compatible with WordPress. We will update the Rayno Diagnostics and Tools Portfolio later this month.

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