Rayno Life Science Portfolios: AMGN,CLVS,ILMN,RGEN,TMO…Update 3/18

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NASDAQ up 0.92%

Biotech stocks lagged the surprising FED rally today maybe because money was moving to other sectors.This bears close watching because only this week biotech stocks hit a new high.Money may be moving to lagging sectors like energy up 2.92% today. Nonetheless http://economylock.com/type/gallery/ healthcare remained strong with the XLV up 1.39% and hit a new high today.

  • The Euro was up 2.64% to the $1.09 level as traders that were short bailed together. Traders  may not be expecting a quick rate hike. Currencies and a strong dollar are the major focus of the market.
  • The XBI hit a new high at $233.65 but sold off on good volume at the end of the day.FBT down 0.19%.
  • More speculative mid-caps in “immuno-oncology’ were choppy with a sell-off in AGIO,BLUE, CLVS, JUNO etc.
  • Large caps were strong with Euro weakness: ALXN, AMGN,REGN,RHBBY
  • Mid-caps were flat to weak.
  • Dx and Tools were mainly green.



http://thegrasswizard.com/etc8m/pcdhbzxp-drmartens-womens-62458017.php Biotech and Healthcare Stocks Hit New Highs

The market roared back today with healthcare and biotech the strongest sectors.The Healthcare Select SPDR ETF (XLV) was up  2.21% to $73.40. This is a 52 week high. The Euro rallied 1% to 1.057 and that helped large cap companies with revenues outside the US. The XBI SPDR Biotech ETF (XBI) also hit a new high at $232. XLV should be added to portfolios underweighted in healthcare.

Amgen (AMGN) and  Regeneron (REGN) soared on the potential of their PCSK9 inhibitor for cardiovascular disease.

Rayno Movers: Biopharmaceuticals

ABBV up 1.93%, AMGN up 5.69%, BIIB up 1.93%,CLVS up 4.87%, FBT up 2.35%, GILD up 1.7%, REGN up 5.2%, SGEN up 2.1%.

Rayno Movers : Diagnostics and Tools

CPHD up 3.15%, ILMN up 4.5%, QGEN up 2,54%, SQNM up 3.34%, TMO up 4.36%.

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