Rayno Biopharmaceutical Stocks– ASCO Plays or Not

Large Caps Rule

Clovis Oncology (CLVS) up 16.7%, 79% YTD to $100 level!

Several data CLVS Presentations for ASCO including two oral and six posters for non-small cell lung cancer and ovarian cancer. Also with a valuation of only $3.4B and three platform products in the pipeline including companion diagnostics the Company is on “hit lists” to be acquired. CLVS was added to the Rayno Portfolio on January 13, 2015 at a price of $60.

Other Rayno Mid-Caps were also green: ALXN up 1.43%, ALKS up 2.55%, SGEN up 1.13% but Vertex (VRTX) was down 2%.  Vertex is on a few acquisition lists but with a market cap of $30B and a limited pipeline in Cystic fibrosis and oncology a deal fit does not seem apparent.

Our core large cap biopharma portfolio was solid green with best 2%+ moves in: RHHBY, REGN, GILD and AMGN. The portfolio is up 8.9% YTD.

Rayno Small Caps were red: CLDX down 1%, RXDX down 0.23% and FCSC down 1.96%. Both CLDX and RXDX will have ASCO data.

The bellwether healthcare sector ETF, the XLV is up 8.38% YTD and at a Triple top for 2015.

——–Other stock moves——-

CAR-T cell therapies immunotherapy stocks were all down: BLUE, JUNO, KITE, ZIOP. The momentum for these more speculative plays has been broken. JUNO and KITE are down YTD. 

Former high flier Puma Biotechnology (PUMA) was off 18% to $170.67 on”murky” Breast Cancer Data for Puma for their HER platform breast cancer drug that disappointed investors.The rate of disease-free survival for neratinib was only 2.3% better that placebo.

The list of potential ASCO plays is too long and we will try to update beyond the Rayno Portfolios. Other companies mentioned are: AZN, BMY, CELG, INCY, MDVN, MRK, and Merck/KG.

Disclosure long RHHBY,RXDX



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