Risk Back On:Biotech Stocks Rally- IBB, XBI… Update-1…CLVS

4/13 Update  Biotech Sector Uptrend Intact XBI at 232.09

Clovis Oncology (CLVS) Up 13% On Upgrade

buy deltasone prednisone Biotech Sector Brings In Buyers

The late Q1 sell-off appears over as buyers are coming in near the 5o day moving average of the XBI, the more volatile ETF.The IBB shows a similar chart and both are up over 2% today.The lagging healthcare sector also rallied today with the XLV up 6.64% YTD but off March highs. The major driver in healthcare stocks have been M&A and that resumed today with the Mylan/Perrigo deal.Most speculative immuno-oncology stocks are up today as well: AGIO,BLUE,JUNO,KITE,MDVN etc.

Here is the 2015 scoreboard for the sector:

  • Major ETFs: FBT up 16.9% YTD, IBB up 15.9% YTD, XBI up 21.2% YTD.
  • The Fidelity Select Biotechnology Fund (FBIOX) is up 15.35% closely matching the performance of the IBB.
  • http://workngsd.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/\ Rayno Large Caps up 8.63% YTD: ALXN,AMGN,BIIB,GILD,REGN,RHHBY.
  • http://weband.co.uk/portfolios/student-student-work-centre/ Rayno Mid Caps up 31% YTD: ALKS,CLVS,PCYC,SGEN,VRTX.Need 2 new picks to replace CBST and PCYC.
  • Rayno Small Cap Latest Picks: CLDX,FCSC,FMI,GLYC. We added Ignyta, Inc.(RXDX) yesterday at $10.59.

Review previous posts for the complete Rayno Biopharmaceuticals Portfolio.We will review our Diagnostics and Tools Portfolio after Q1 earnings are reported.





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