Update-2 Mid-day trading 2/21 NAZ down 1.14%-Biotech stocks held their levels on a down day.

  • Most large cap Raygent focus stocks are in green: ABBV,BMY,GILD  up 4%, RHHBY.
  • Mid-caps are mixed but BMRN is up 5%.
  • Healthcare sector was a leader up 0.1%


Update-1 Feb 19 A Risk -On Day with NAZ leading up 0.87%, IBB up 0.87%, XBI up 0.8%

  • BMY down 0.54%, RHHBY up 1.44%.
  • GKOS down 0.785, IHI up 0.67%.
  • TDOC up 0.1% to $117.36.
  • We are adding to mid-caps:  CRSP INCY.


Raygent Focus Stocks; BMY,GKOS and TDOC

Healthcare Sector Innovation Provides Underpinnings to Growth

Raygent Focus on Large Caps and Trading Small Caps

We summarized some of our key picks-Raygent Focus Stocks- over the past 12 months. From the recent J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference we found Glaukos (GKOS) and it is up over 15% in one month. Another pick from the JPMorgan meeting in 2019 was Teledoc (TDOC) and it is up 67% over one year. We do not cover in this Raygent Focus Stocks summary, all of the stocks we have written about over the past 12 months just the ones in our core portfolio. Large caps dominate the portfolio because of providing attractive valuations with some top line growth.

  • Our pivotal market call was in mid-October  to overweight the healthcare and biopharmaceutical sector which was heavily hit by macro news earlier in 2019.
  • We have emphasized the XBI as a major trading vehicle and indicator of frisk-on risk off for biotech especially small caps.But the best ETF recently is the Nasdaq-100 (QQQ) up 36& over 12 months.
  • XLV remains a core position because of a broad portfolio of large cap drug and device companies..
  • We saw the Celgene/Bristol- Myers merger as a unique opportunity with a brand pipeline of products.
  • Teledoc represents a secular trend toward access to medical care with Telehealth solutions.
  • We introduced you to Glaukos a opththalmology drug and device Company with novel therapies for treatment of glaucoma and cataracts and a long-term growth opportunity.
Company Ticker Date started Price Price % Perform
12 mos.
Abbvie ABBV LT 97.81 22.33
Amarin AMRN 1/19 14.75 18.18 3
Bristol-Myers BMY LT 67 34.78
Genmark GNMK 1/19 6.22 4.5 -25
Gilead Sciences GILD LT 66.95 2.37
Glaukos GKOS 1/29/20 57 69.81 18.4%*
Merck MRK LT 83.23 6.02
Roche ADR RHHBY LT 43.29 28.11
Teledoc TDOC 1/19 54.5 110 67.3
Biotech SPDR XBI trading 98 16
Healthcare XLV 10/2/19 88 104.33 14.57

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