High Beta Technicals-Resiliency Rules

With NAZ, Dow and S&P up about 0.24%.

Lots of volatility today with MO stocks as BIG money trolls along:

CLDX ($10.34) up 54.8% YTD, $640M Market Cap.

IBB ($149) ETF up 1% at new highs should hit $150.

INFI ($43.95) up 6.5% today, newbie in MO land up 26% YTD, $1.7B Market Cap.

ISRG ($554) recovery from free fall yesterday, but up only 6% over 1 year.

MDVN ($46.21) complete breakdown from double top at $58, down 6% today.

NFLX ($189) up 0.7% the new “Amazon” with $10.6B Market Cap trades on “new media” business model.

PCYC ($89.12) up 1.43% but stable.

REGN ($171) recovering from YTD low at $160 level.

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