Update 8/26

Best idea on securities exchanges: Randall W.Forsyth in his Barron’s Up and Down Wall Street column recommends

that the NASDAQ and NYSE are put under the watchful eye of the NSA.

And while we are on “big data” there is news that Amazon (AMZN) has had problems with “Cloud” services management


NASDAQ quotes only should be available soon 1:45p EDT

Need to be cautious on trades when it reopens. Futures trading is working and is stable.

1:19p  (EDT) CNBC: “Price discovery will be an issue when market re-opens.” Many other exchanges linked to NASDAQ. Awaiting update from NASDAQ. Luckily it is a slow summer day so no apparent panic.

1:04p Obviously a big IT infrastructure issue. 60 % of all trades are algos or computer driven so maybe infrastructure lags HFTs and derivatives.

No trades on AAPL!? My 12:39 p AAPL order was not executed.

Liquidity limited as of 12:43 p Aug 22. All orders should be routed somewhere else?

Computer glitch? No response yet from NASDAQ.

Update to follow.



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