Reflation trade kicks up

viagra priligy online purchase The reflation trade picked up the MO today with big winners among commodity and precious metal stocks.
Dollar weakness,10 year treasuries hitting 3.2%, and China’s appetite for raw materials and energy are drawing investors to copper,silver,titanium and energy raw materials. Coal has been on a tear. Risk appetite has boosted the Euro and other currencies; corporate bonds and real estate are back with good momentum.
Among the winners are gold stocks like AUY and the ETF GDX. Silver regained strength with PAAS up 6%.
FCX a copper and gold play was up 9% today! Corporate bonds and REITS are way off their bottoms as many REITS are getting refunded and investors are looking for yield. Brazil EWZ was up 6%.
Nat gas found a bottom last week and all sectors within energy have been strong:
COP up 3.2%,EWZ up 6%, SLB up 6.7%, SWN up 7% and VLO up 5.8%.
Clearly natural resources are the play for a weaker dollar, an economic recovery, infrastructure investments
and diversification outside the U.S. Agriculture could be next.

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