Ten Month Low on the Dollar

The US Dollar Index Future (DXY) gapped down 1.3% today at 78.27 approaching September 2008 lows.
This dollar drop immediately brought money into gold up nearly 2% to the 950+ level. Gold is the pure play on the dollar. Gold and silver stocks also rallied with AUY,GDX, NEM and PAAS all up 3-4%.
Crude is up $1.40 at 68+and some energy stocks rode the wave: APA,DVN,KWK,and HES up 2%.
The broader based OIH and XLE energy plays were up less that 1%. Despite weak fundamentals energy has traded with the dollar. The Russian ETF RSX also trades as a proxy for crude up 2% today.
The dollar has been extremely volatile this week buffeting commodities and commodity stocks.

From Bloomberg today–

Dollar Weakens to Year Low as U.S. Economic Contraction Slows

By Ye Xie and Sapna Maheshwari

July 31 (Bloomberg) — The dollar declined to the lowest level this year against six major U.S. trading partners after a report showed the U.S. economy shrank less than economists forecast, reducing the demand for the greenback as a refuge.

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