Rayno Dx and Tools: 2015 Q1 Mid Quarter Update-FMI, CSII, HOLX, ALR

Bullish Trend Continues for Mid-Cap Growth Stocks The Life Science Tools and Clinical Diagnostics sector kept pace with major life science ETF performance. Major  ETFs (FBT,IBB,XBI) are up about 10% YTD and our top performers are up over 10%. We will provide an update of our  Clinical Diagnostics portfolio after all earnings reports are in. […]

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Biotech Bull Market: Trends to Watch in 2015 #1

What will it take to drive the biotech sector to new highs? As we approach new highs for the biotech sector in 2015 here are some market trends to watch as the technicals get a little choppy. The next major indicator will be 2015 Q1 earnings. Stay tuned. Momentum of high fliers is broken and […]

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Rayno Biopharmaceutical Portfolio Performance: Sector is up 80% from 7/1/13 to 2/11/15

Biotech Stocks Up YTD Despite Choppy Tape NASDAQ 4857.61 approaching March 10, 2000 high of 5048.62 IBB at 320.42 up 5.63% YTD and 351% over 10 Years We have updated our post from 7/1/13 on the Rayno Biopharmaceutical Portfolio with re-balancing.  We are approaching all time highs touched in late January 2015. The life science portfolios […]

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Biotech Stocks Rally With Broad Market-Energy A Loser

Energy Stocks Down-Biotech and Healthcare Stocks Are Leaders NASDAQ Up 1.30%     4787 After a few days in the doldrums biotech stocks rallied across the board escaping the drag of macro news. Healthcare and technology sectors were among the leaders of the day moving in the opposite direction from energy. There have been dual […]

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SierraSnowBlog: “Box of Chocolates Storm” This Weekend 2/8/15

Update-1.. 2/6 Big rain is hitting NorCal. NB many are calling this storm a “Pineapple Express ” but if you click on “AR event” below you will see that it is more based on West to East orographic lifting not necessarily an event out of Hawaii. A technical nuance. Models now showing 6-7 in ppt […]

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