Large Cap Biopharmaceutical Companies-Metrics and Valuations…BMY VRTX

Large Cap Biopharmaceutical Companies - Q1 2020 Update The IBB is at $122.69 near the 52 week high but short of 5 year high of $132.53 from Jy '15. FWD PEs of sector are still lower than the market with S&P-500 at 18.9x. Good growth expected. Our Top Picks have done well especially after October 2019 re-balancing: ABBV BMY MRK RHHBY (not in data-ADR). We favored large caps over smaller caps recently. Best stock performance for 12 mo. period are BMY -(CELG) and VRTX. GILD remains a laggard...

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Biotech Reversal Off 2020 Bottom But Within Trading Range: Update-2.. Abbvie (ABBV)

Update-2 2/10...Rally has expanded to mid-caps:ALNY ACAD GWPH ICPT SRPT Etc. ======= Update-1 2/7. 2p ...Abbvie (ABBV) Another one of our top large cap picks ABBV is up 6% o the $92 handle as of mid-day trading on earnings and Allergan acquisition. Full year EPS was $5.28 on GAAP basis on Revenues of $33.266B.Full year revenues grew 9.9% excluding Humira which declined 31.1% due to biosimilar competition .New product launches are going well with Full year SKIRIZI net revenues $355M. Provides...

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Bearish Pattern Emerging for Biotech-Geopolitical News Overwhelms Market…Update-1

Update-1 2/3...3:30p EST...  Biopharma stocks firm up after a bad week Large caps are strong with Gilead Sciences  (GILD) up over 5% on a story about an experimental antiviral therapy for coronavirus China. GILD is one of the leading antiviral companies for HIV and HCV. Mid-caps in green screen mode with XBI up 2.3% to $91 handle. The XLV is recovering up 1% today now down only 2.2% over days. Focus in market today remains coronavirus in China and Iowa caucus with potential disruption in...

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