New Buy Ideas for 2020: Glaukos Corporation (GKOS)

New Buy Ideas for 2020-Biopharma and MedTech New Buy Idea -Glaukos (GKOS) for ophthalmic disease therapies If you have been reading my recent posts I have been cautious on adding new positions since the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference. After the nice Q4 run-up it would seem prudent to let portfolio run while assessing upcoming earnings. That seemed to be a prudent call given last week's weakness and today's coronavirus fears. But biopharma stocks are holding up better in the market  after the...

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Biotech Sector Watch: Week Ending 1/25/20 After JPMorgan Conference…Update-1/30 sell-off on coronavirus fears

Update-2  1/30 a Mid-day trading- Bearish pattern emerging Many of our indicators have turned bearish: XBI down 1.8% under $90, red screen in mid-caps, large caps at lows for the  day, IWM at day lows etc. Fears about coronavirus causing buyers strike? Risk-off, even positive earnings don't help tape as investors look ahead;ILMN down over 3%. ========== Update-1...Coronavirus Related Sell-Off Adds to Market Uncertainty This is a good day for a portfolio review to see downside risks but also...

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Medtech: Stocks To Watch- Are you diversified in healthcare stocks? Update-1

Update-1 Jan. 23 With IHI down 0.86% but most medical device stocks are near one year highs. Notable movers up today: Interactive Surgical (ISRG) up  0.78% on earnings report, iRhythm Technologies  (IRTC) up 3.69 % to $89.27, Teledoc (TDOC) up 1.36% to $102.80. ========================== Medtech and Drug Stocks to watch: Abbott (ABT and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) report earnings A diversified healthcare portfolio should not only have life science stocks but medtech as well. Recents earnings...

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