Two companies that have been restructured through M&A announced yesterday.

Celera(CRA) was added to our model portfolio recently at 7, traded down 2% to $6.75 on missed guidance and a net loss of (.08) compared to a loss of 39 cents the same quarter of  previous year. Revenue guidance was lowered to $135-145M  from $145-155M with analysts’ EPS in the (0.28) range for the FY. Product sales from the Abbott partnership were up to $10.9M; BHL sales were down to $19.6M due to business changes but sample volume was up over six quarters; cardio-genetic tests should help growth in future quarters.Revenue Estimates for 2011 are in the $170M range though still with a loss projected. The net cash position is $319M.

Caliper Life Sciences(CALP) had Q2 revenues of $29M with strength in Imaging(IVIS) and LabChips.EPS was flat with a forecast of (0.8) for 2010 on Revenue estimates of about $119M. The stock traded down 0.5% to $3.99. The current P/S is about 1.67. The net cash position was $37.6M.

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