Rayno Life Science Movers -Diagnostics Review Next Week

Despite some choppiness in biotech trading this week many of our stocks did well. I won’t go into some of the unusual volatility in other small and mid-caps lately  but that is part of the reason for my “bubble” article. There is also a lot of focus in the media about soaring biotech stocks with IBB at $272 just shy of 52 week high of $275.

Here are some Rayno Life Science stocks of note this week. Review the complete list on the Raygent WEB site as many stocks are at new highs.

Albany Molecular, (AMRI $16) nobody liked this biotech contract services (CRO)  stock when we recommended it at $4.68 at a 0.55 P/S  less than two years ago.  Now the P/S is still only 2. Guidance  and 2013 results pleased investors today.

Cubist, (CBST $81.23) new highs and acceptance of EMA marketing authorization for Tedizolid. Price to Sales only 5.72.

Illumina, (ILMN $178) momentum stock with news on sequencing app for Downs Syndrome.

Roche Holdings, (RHHBY $38.50) 2:1 split and new high.  Leader in diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals

ThermoFisher (TMO $124.91) at new highs and recently upgraded.

XLV ($59.44) a healthcare EFT has rallied from the January bottom and is now up 7.2% YTD.

New picks since last December are all doing well: Nanostring (NSTG),  Roche Holdings (RHHBY) and XLV a healthcare ETF.

Large caps hit new highs recently: ALXN AMGN, BIIB, GILD. Watch the technicals particularly the volatile ETF XBI which holds more of the mid and small caps.

Our core position Fidelity Select Biotech Find (FBIOX $228.44) is up 25.7% YTD.

As most 2013 earnings reports are in we will review all  Rayno Tools and Diagnostics stocks next week.

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