A Good Week For Rayno Life Science Stocks: AMRI, CBST, ILMN, RHHBY

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Despite some choppiness in biotech trading this week many of our stocks did well. I won’t go into some of the unusual volatility in other small and mid-caps lately  but that is part of the reason for my “bubble” article. There is also a lot of focus in the media about soaring biotech stocks with IBB at $272 just shy of 52 week high of $275.

Here are some where to buy priligy in dubai Rayno Life Science stocks of note this week. Review the complete list on the Raygent WEB site as many stocks are at new highs.

where can i buy Lyrica tablets Albany Molecular, (AMRI $16) nobody liked this biotech contract services (CRO)  stock when we recommended it at $4.68 at a 0.55 P/S  less than two years ago.  Now the P/S is still only 2. Guidance  and 2013 results pleased investors today.

Cubist, (CBST $81.23) new highs and acceptance of EMA marketing authorization for Tedizolid. Price to Sales only 5.72.

Illumina, (ILMN $178) momentum stock with news on sequencing app for Downs Syndrome.

Roche Holdings, (RHHBY $38.50) 2:1 split and new high.  Leader in diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals

ThermoFisher (TMO $124.91) at new highs and recently upgraded.

XLV ($59.44) a healthcare EFT has rallied from the January bottom and is now up 7.2% YTD.

New picks since last December are all doing well: Nanostring (NSTG),  Roche Holdings (RHHBY) and XLV a healthcare ETF.

Large caps hit new highs recently: ALXN AMGN, BIIB, GILD. Watch the technicals particularly the volatile ETF XBI which holds more of the mid and small caps.

Our core position Fidelity Select Biotech Find (FBIOX $228.44) is up 25.7% YTD.

As most 2013 earnings reports are in we will review all  Rayno Tools and Diagnostics stocks next week.

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