8/10/19…XBI up 1.8% to $84.04 for 5 days, QQQ up 1.9% to $185.81 over 5 days.A good week for life science stocks with following stocks near 52 week highs:


8/8/19  9:45a EDT Life Science Movers...Stocks to Watch…XBI up 0.61% to $83.86.

Guardant Health (GH) Q2 Revenues soared 178% to $54M on precision oncology blood tests. Up 16% over 5 days now with a $9.4B Market cap.

Invitae Corp (NVTA) Q2 Revenues up 42% to$53M on genetics tests; flat and choppy over 5 days with a $2.7B market cap.

Many stocks up this am: BDX up 2%, GNMK up 1.36%,NSTG up 2.3%,QDEL up 1.93%, QGEN up  1.,16%, TECH up 2.59%, TMO up 1.01%, VCYT up 2.51%.

Gene therapy stocks up: BLUE, CLLS, CRSP, EDIT, NTLA.


AACC Update 8/16/19 Broad Rally Week in Life Science Stocks

Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo at Anaheim CA: Over 800 Exhibitors!

This is Part 1 of a Rolling Update for the Week on Life Science: Diagnostics and Tools

We will update news on selective companies we track as well as new industry trends from the AACC and Clinical Lab Expo. Be sure to review our previous posts from Diagnostics and Tools as we resume coverage of life science stocks on a day of a broad stock market rally. Given the recent sell-off in all stocks the life science sector might be a good area for stock picking because of less sensitivity to macro issues and drug pricing.  Moreover life science tools provide important “picks and shovels” for biomedical discovery and drug development. We have been to the AACC many times in the past but this year I was impressed by the overall enthusiasm of the participants including many International companies. Entrepreneurial companies are proliferating with diverse technologies focused on new molecular diagnostic tests and platforms covering not only chemistry but immunology, oncology, microbiology and genetics. Precision medicine and targeted therapies was an imbedded theme and one that we have covered in the past.

Key Trends:

  • Diagnostics and therapeutics are more synergistic. e.g biomarkers, companion diagnostics.
  • M&A is going to pick up especially from outside U.S.
  • New technologies provide better test results and medicine: gene sequencing, mass spectrometry, electrophoresis.
  • Assay menus by disease state are proliferating with new platforms.
  • Sub-markets growth look good through 2024: Global Molecular DX 8.5% CAGR thru 2024 to $12B,  POC DX U.S 7% CAGR through 2024 to $11B.

Here is a brief summary of market action today and selected stocks from our tracking that exhibited at the Meeting. Many of our profitable picks in the past were acquisitions such as  Abaxis, Alere, Cepheid, Foundation Medicine, GenProbe, SeraCare etc.

Results for 8/6 and week ending 8/10. Selected life science stocks were up in a broad rally week during AACC  despite weakness on Friday.

Agilent Technologies (A) up 2.73% to $67.66, up 3.5% to $68.64

Becton Dickinson (BDX) up 2.45% to $242.14, up 6% to $254.35.

Bruker (BRKR) up 4.37% to $41.77, down 1.7% to $41.01.

Danaher (DHR) up 1.86%, up 2.8% to $140.31.

Genmark (GNMK) up 15.85% at $6.65, up 3.1% to $6.59.

Hologic (HOLX) up 1.23% to $8.74, up 3% to $50.07.

Illumina (ILMN) up 1% to $291.24, up 1.3% to $294.

Luminex (LMNX) up 3.15% to $20.94, up 2.7% to $21.09.

Pacific Biosciences (PACB) up 2.04% to $5.49, up 4.4% to $5.68.

Thermo Fisher (TMO) up 2.79% to $275.96, up 1.3% to $276.37.

Veracyte (VCYT) up 2.26% to $34.41, up 7.8% to $26.13.

We will provide updates on some of the companies  as well as some new companies we found interesting. Financial reports from many companies are coming available this week .Our objective is to shift our coverage more to the diagnostics and tools sector and finding growth  investment opportunities in smaller companies with unique techologies.

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