Update -1 NH closes at $18.59 up 32.79% on volume of 3.3M shares. High was $21 low was $16.11. Market cap is $2.1B.

Focus of the Company is personalized healthcare utilizing a unique software platform (NantOS) applying molecular diagnostics and genomics on patient tissues and integrated with real time phenotypic data and decision algorithms to provide more effective treatment decisions. One of their affiliates called NantOmics LLC utilizes “evidence-based clinical practice, including Genomic Proteomic Spectrometry Cancer, or GPS Cancer, which we obtained exclusive access to from our affiliate NantOmics, LLC, or NantOmics. GPS Cancer enables diagnosis at the molecular level by measuring the whole genome and proteome of a patient and thereby potentially predicting the patient’s response and resistance to particular therapeutics.” (see S-1)

A related play in molecular medicine Foundation Medicine (FMI) rose 9.9% to $21.43. The market cap of FMI is $741M with a 52 week range of $13.34 to $36.32. The Company also focuses on genomic information from specimens in various types of cancer enabling physicians to optimize treatments in clinical practice.

Disclosure: long FMI, NH


NantHealth (NH) IPO Gets Good Reception– Bodes Well for Healthcare Investments

Here is S-1..Update at Close.

Underwriters were Cowen and Company and Jeffries.

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