Rayno DX and Tools: Trading Pick of the Day Trinity Biotech (TRIB)

http://lstyle.sk/nase-sluzby/laserova-dermatologia/odstranovanie-pigmentovych-skvrn/ buy accutane roche Trinity Biotech (TRIB $24.90), a Buy Around $25

follow site Barrons published an article over the weekend recommending Trinity Biotech plc, an Irish diagnostic Company focused in point of care (POC) and clinical laboratory diagnostic tests. We agree with the article and will provide a follow-up review this week. Trinity Biotech tests are for infectious diseases, diabetes monitoring and liver and kidney diseases.

Although the stock has a high PE of around 56, the forward PE is only 20 and the P/S is 6. The stock shows good downside support at $24. The Irish domicile offers a good opportunity for acquisitions of U.S. companies.

buy robaxin 750 mg no prescription Disclosure: we are long TRIB.




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