Bull Run Continues Except AAPL and GOLD: Every Pundit Seems Bullish on Stocks-Up 12% in 2 Months

The green screen rules again today with most life science up and ETFs up 0.5%. Biopharma MO-vers are mostly up CELG GILD MDVN PCYC SGEN. We reiterated many buys in Q4 last year so it is a difficult time to buy at these levels.

Here is  a quick review of focus stocks in the Rayno Life Science Tools and Diagnostic Portfolio:

Abaxis (ABAX $40.75) new all time high, strong trend up 41% in 1 year.

Alere (ALR $20.77) reiterated at $18.5 and recovering, long term hold as turnaround play.

Cepheid (CPHD $37.50) up 5.7% today, new buy at $31.50 last quarter.

Exact Sciences(EXAS $11.40) long term play (2010 buy at $4.50) on molecular Dx for colon cancer . Double top chart.

Illumina (ILMN $52) long term play (2011 buy at $27.50)  in genomics and sequencing, buy on weakness.

Quidel (QDEL $22.22) reiterated buy in $17 range last quarter, pure play Dx in infectious disease and women’s health.

Thermo Fisher (TMO $70.60) new buy in Q3 2012,all time high.

Celebrity Trash Talk -The Media “Fight Club”

Outside the Life Science sector  we are experiencing a new trend in market trash talk-the leveraging of the media to push an investment agenda or ego boost.  Presumably these fin-celebs and billionaires are disclosing their equity positions as even the tiniest blogger must do. Two famous examples are the Herbalife (HLF) fight today between Carl Icahn (long) and Bill Ackman (short) aired today on CNBC with rude exchanges and accusations.The CNBC journalist Scott Wapner asked Carl Icahn a question about his Herbalife opinion and he got accused of bullying.  The other is bond guru Jeffrey Gundlach (short position) trashing AAPL calling the top early at $500+ but close to his bottom in the stock at $425. Gundlach got a lot of media time and was persistent over most of 2012.

As the market gets frothier and media stocks continue their run, the financial and news TV channels need to cater even more to the entertainment value to better compete with the Internet for viewer time. So if CNBC ratings go up the Media Fight Club will continue.






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