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MOmentum Shift in BIOtech Today: XBI off 3.25%.. Update -1

Update Next Day…Green Screen in Biotech…1/16…Complete reversal all up XBI at $197.95 UP 3% AGIO up 3.6%, BLUE up 4.78%, JUNO up 12.4%, KITE up 10.2%, NLNK up 2.4%, PBYI up 9.4%, ZIOP up 1.76% Red Screen Day in Biotech NASDAQ 4584 down 1.18%    Euro down to $1.16     Gold at $1262 up […]

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Biotech Bull Market Up 6%+YTD: Key Trends to Watch Update #2

Biotech Bull Market Intact But Technicals Rule On January 27 we reiterated our model for life science stocks for 2014. We will review each component of our model and where the sector stands after about a 5% correction off highs with the sector still up 6% YTD depending on the index, fund or ETF (IBB). […]

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Dendreon(DNDN) Receives FDA Approval for Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine

New Treatment Category for Cancer-Autologous Cellular Immunotherapy The FDA cleared the first therapeutic vaccine for cancer with Dendreon’s Provenge (R)(Sipuleucel-T), an individualized treatment approach for advanced prostate cancer (CRPC). CRPC is asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic, metastatic,castrate-resistant (hormone refractory) prostate cancer.Provenge takes the patient’s own immune cells and infuses them back thereby priming the immune system […]

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