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Biotech ETF Trending Shows Shift To Speculative Stocks: XBI

Updated 6/10 Biotech ETFs lag overall in 1.4% rally. Materials, financials and technology lead. Large cap biotechs doing well. Rayno portfolio winners today: ALXN, BIIB, GILD, RHHBY etc Rapid Fire Re-Balancing of ETFs into More Speculative Names Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? We have published a number of reports on Life Science ETFs (2/4/15) in […]

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Rayno Life Science Update: A Little Profit Taking With Sector Up 30% YTD

Rayno Biopharma Portfolio We are still cautious on adding new biotech positions except stocks that were mentioned last month (see Alkermes ALKS, Array ARRY and Achillion ACHN). Many biotech MO stocks are well off their highs. All positions remain as HOLDS unless you want to raise a little cash.  Albany Molecular (AMRI) is up 5%, […]

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Rayno Biopharmaceutical Portfolio Performance- After Sell-Off 2/26/13

 Caution-Follow Technicals-Potential for Macro Risk Off The Life Science sector is about 2% off highs of February 1 and has formed a double top from October 5 highs. In recent posts we urged caution as some MO stocks had blow-off tops (ALXN,MDVN, REGN) and the IBB and XBI were unable to reach new highs with […]

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Biotech Bull Market: Are ETFs Better Than Mutual Funds?

Biotech ETF’s Slightly Outperform Life Science Mutual Funds There has been an ongoing debate in the media on the performance of ETFs compared to actively managed funds so we have compared the performance in a hot sector like biotech which is entering its 5th year of a bull market. The NYSE Arca Biotech Index is […]

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Fidelity Biotech Fund (FBIOX) up 7.9% YTD Outperforms Major ETFs

Managed Healthcare Mutual Funds Starting To OutPerform ETFs Earlier this year we wrote an article on Investor Uprising comparing returns on biotech funds and major ETFs. At the time ETF’s were outperforming managed mutual funds. Now as we enter the strong quarter for small cap and biotech Fidelity Select Biotech (FBIOX) has pulled ahead of […]

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