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Rayno Biopharma Portfolio Update: BLUE FMI IBB…Update-1

Update-1… 2/22/17 Dow closed at a record 20,775.6 with energy the big loser, healthcare down 0.19% and NASDAQ flattish. Biotech stocks sold off with the IBB down 0.85% after hitting $296 near a 52 week high last Thursday. XBI was hit harder down 1.77% to $67.79. Large caps were mainly in the red except ALXN,BIIB […]

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Large Cap Biopharmaceuticals:Update on Financial Metrics

Top Biopharmaceutical Stocks : Performance and Financial Metrics after 2016 Earnings We have updated the comparison of eight large cap biopharma stocks post 2016 earnings for the period ending 2/10/17. Keep in mind that in January 2016 there was a severe correction with stocks dropping 25-30% with lows being hit in mid-February 2016. But the […]

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Life Science Sector Review: Diagnostics and Tools Update

Life Science Sector: What’s Going On With Dx and Tools Stocks? We dropped coverage of Life Science diagnostics and tools stocks in January 2016 just after the severe market correction began. Of course the downdraft opened up great values in several stocks.We have reviewed selected stocks in the sector with the idea that more opportunities […]

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Rayno Biobeat #3…Trump Biotech Rally Leads Market Up

Trump Election Win Drives Huge Biotech Rally NASDAQ up over 1% to 5248 The Trump biotech rally began at today’s opening up (IBB) 20 points to $280 then held to close  up 8.9% to $285. The XBI soared 10.4% to close at $63.8 near highs of day. The cloud of drug pricing concerns vanished because […]

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Rayno Biobeat #2…Good Value in Large Cap Biopharmaceuticals- Update-1

Which Large Cap Biopharma Stocks Have the Best Value? But revenue growth is slowing so M&A must pick up. Drug stocks have gone through a severe correction and healthcare is one of the worse sectors YTD. Although the key indicators are still sketchy, now is the time to look for value among several top large […]

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Illumina (ILMN) Misses Revenue Forecast Causing Collateral Damage to Biotechs

Update-1 Biotechs Sinking Again …IBB down 2.48%, ILMN down another 2% Related sequencing stocks: FMI down 1.75%, PACB flat at $8.40 Illumina (ILMN) Shares Crash on Revenue Miss Illumina (ILMN) shares crashed 25% to $139, after a warning on third quarter sales . The global leader in DNA sequencing systems warned that revenues missed forecast and would […]

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Rayno 2016 Life Science Portfolio Update…BLUE,IBB…Update-2

Update-1… See Caution 9/29 Update-2…See Rayno Biobeat for updates after Trump Rally. For overweighting biotechs in a portfolio consider XBI instead of IBB to get mid and small cap exposure. ——– Rayno Portfolio Outperforms the Market Biotech stocks are near their intermediate highs but still down in 2016 : IBB at $295 down 12.78% and […]

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Biotech Stocks Pause at Resistance: IBB…Update-2…Caution

Update-2… 9/29 Caution on Biotech-Major Sell-Off with IBB off 3.12% The market had a bad day today hit by Wells Fargo (WFC) Congressional hearings and paranoia about Deutsche Bank AG (DB). Unrelated to this news was a major sell-off in biotech stocks with pricing concerns back in the news. Voters in CA can vote on Proposition […]

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Today’s Movers in Life Sciences-Gene Sequencing: ILMN,PACB

Illumina (ILMN) Up 3 % to $174 on Buyout Speculation in Gene Sequencing Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) was up as much as 12 points earlier today on a rumored buyout from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (TMO).  Thermo bought another major player in sequencing Life Techologies for $13.6B making it the number two player in the major […]

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Large Cap Biopharmaceutical Metrics: Valuation Models for Future Growth

Large Cap Biopharmaceutical Valuation Models Can Biotech Growth Re-accelerate in Q4? We reviewed large cap biotech stocks on July 3 just after the BREXIT bottom but prior to Q2 earnings and on May 8 after Q1 earnings. Here is data that offer comparisons of the core large cap holdings in the sector and their future […]

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