Update-2… Great El Nino of 1997-98

Watch for agricultural commodity plays if El Nino kicks in.

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Monsoonal Flow in SoCal Brings More Humidity

The strong El Nino in 2015 pattern can bring drought relief and more snow for 2015-16 winter season. Last winter was a neutral pattern i.e. neither El Nino nor La Nina resulting in dry weather for the West Coast and record low levels of precipitation. From LAT article: “In the two strongest El Niños on record, 1982-83 and 1997-98, that has meant relentless storms pelting California.”

Here is the seasonal snowfall for Mammoth Mountain from ’69-’70 through 2014-2015. The past year was only 176 in. The snow drought extends back to 2011. The last strong El Nino year was 1997-98 with 451 in. and ’82-’83 with 546 in. The record snowfall of 2010-2011 was actually the La Nina on steroids year as reported by Howard Sheckter- La Nina

NOAA says 90% chance of El Nino, with 80% chance through spring 2016

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