Rayno Snow Blog:Can There Ever Be Too Much Snow In The Sierras?

Got Snow? LaNina Delivers

If anyone figures out what to do with excess snow you can make a bundle. For sure the West Coast will have plenty of water from the winter snow pack which was already above normal 2 weeks ago. Trucking it somewhere for festivals do not make sense with gasoline at $4+ on US 395 in CA. Mammoth Mountain weather expert Howard Sheckter is now afraid of his own forecasts of still more snow as 20 ft piles of the stuff cover every space available in town. High pressure kicks in early next week giving sunny relief to fair weather skiers.

  • Mammoth had a foot today with four more feet coming this week. 107 inches in March to date.
  • Total snowfall for the season is 535 in. making the 600 inch level possible this month.
  • The most recent record snow was 578 inches in 2005-2006.
  • Alpine Meadows in Tahoe gets 744 in.

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    Weather Geek : TahoeLoco.com

    Now usually a lot of snow is the nirvana of expert skiers and boarders but what happens if there is too much snow?

    • People are afraid to drive to the resort because of the weather.
    • Service workers complain about shoveling and tough jobs.
    • Many lifts close due to weather and snow removal.
    • Skiing is more difficult due to variable conditions and challenging weather.
    • Can the season run through July with this base?

    Mammoth owners Starwood Capital has found the “motherlode” of white stuff so how can they convert it to green stuff?

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