It has been a warm and dry snow season in the Sierras but the Mammoth season was saved  by two decent storms in February with 68.5 inches bringing the season total to 158 in of snow.Last year another dry season dropped 308 in with a big December.The next mark is 2011-12 with only 263 in and the worse in recent  times was 196 in in 1986-87 but not as bad as 1976-77 guess how many inches?

So  as you all know by now we are in neutral i.e. no El Nino, no La Nina pushing the Northern jet north bringing much snow and rain to the Northern tier states with storms on the East Coast. This was exacerbated by the polar vortex blocking West to East flow. Also look at the History of El Ninos and see low ppt years were La Ninas or neutral condition.


We have reason to be hopeful of another storm by the end of march as  NOAA upgraded their PPT probability model for the 6-10 day period.The Mar 25-31 period also shows a higher ppt forecast.

Accuweather is also more hopeful of rain in SanFrancisco by March 26.

Ditto Intellicast by March 26.

Howard Sheckter also sees changes coming next week with a storm by the middle of the week. Howard also sees an El Nino for next winter.

Stay tuned for end of the week update.


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