Snow Blog West: Snowy Period by March 17th

All the Models Looking Better for PPT

We should see a change by next weekend for one of the worst Sierra seasons in recent times. Mammoth has a good base due to excellent man made snow, but has received only 157 in. of snow season TD compared to an average of 342 in., and the following snowfall amounts in the past 3 seasons: 668, 558 and 470. But 2006-07 was another dry year with only 222 in of snow. But Utah and Jackson Hole have had a better season.

One of the forecasters have called the change and Unisys shows high pressure breaking down next week with big changes by St. Paddy’s day March 17.

The AccuWeather Forecast shows a rainy period by March 18. Intellicast forecasts showers in San Francisco beginning March 13.

Even NOAA offers hope with a major front approaching on March 15 and a wetter 8-14 outlook for Central CA.

We await more detailed forecasts from one of the  experts,  Howard Sheckter who  has already called for more snow ahead.


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