West Coast El Nino Update: Storms Stronger to North and Central Sierras in Heart of California Ski Country..Update-2–High and Dry

2/25/16 El Nino is busted for SoCal.

Storms for Central and SoCal pushed out till March 8-10.

High pressure blocking pattern for CA. Spring is here in February!


No Major Storms on Horizon-Possible Showers in San Francisco Next Week

Look for for major precipitation by end of month but for now the High Pressure ridges are blocking storms from the West Coast. Sheckter also sees a change coming with a MJO on the move and a stormy period in late February or dearly March. NOAA sees below normal precip for two weeks then above normal precip in the Southwest more like the classic El Nino pattern. Watch the ECMWF  Unisys Model for the minor storm next week.


A Stormy January for California Skiers but SoCal Getting Left Out

Recent storms at Mammoth Mountain got dumped over 12 inches this week for this season total of 188 inches exceeding the total for ALL last season of 176 inches. The last big year for snow was 2010-2011 with 668 inches. A good January bodes well for the season like in 2009-2010.

Tahoe beat Mammoth YTD with 244 inches! Kirkwood even better at 266 inches season to date.

Weekend storm for Mammoth until Saturday noon with more to come in later January according to Howard Sheckter.

NOAA sees wet period for next 6-10 days in West with heaviest in North; also continuing heavy ppt through end of January.

Surfers have the swells in January  with NPAC swell on the way for CA.

See day by day conditions for Hawaii.

Split jet for CA now..

Here are precip totals for California and Nevada. The watershed is getting what we need but the LABasin is behind with DowntownLA and LAX at only 26-33 % below normal. Big Bear is up to 70%.

(see link above)
ID Location OCT NOV DEC WY to Date Pct Avg to Date Pct Tot WY
BBLC1 BIG BEAR LAKE F.S. 0.43 2.23 1.39 4.05 70 20
CQT DOWNTOWN LA 0.45 0.01 0.57 1.03 26 7
CUYC1 CUYAMACA 0.72 2.86 5.56 9.14 NA NA
ELPC1 EL CAPITAN DAM 0.58 1.61 3.18 5.37 NA NA
EORC1 ELSINORE 0.11 0.12 0.58 0.81 23 7
HENC1 HENSHAW DAM 1.52 1.12 3.09 5.73 79 21
LAX LA INT’L AIRPORT 0.10 0.06 1.08 1.24 33 10
LGB LONG BEACH 0.04 0.06 0.90 1.00 28 8
LOX OXNARD 0.28 0.03 0.35 0.66 15 4
OJAC1 OJAI 0.15 0.09 0.24 0.48 9 2
MWS MOUNT WILSON 1.96 0.72 1.93 4.61 49 13
OCNC1 OCEANSIDE MARINA 0.32 0.35 0.47 1.14 37 11
SAN LINDBERGH FIELD 0.43 1.54 0.88 2.85 92 28

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