Another AR Storm Hits the Sierras

Here is the Best Site for Weather Predictions

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center is still calling for more PPT in the West and Southwest over the next two weeks. But the current wet pattern has exceeded NOAAs own outlook in early October.

Here is the detailed forecast and current Sierra Weather by Howard Shekter…heavy snowfall with no end in sight….

And here is the NOAA general map showing heavy PPT in Northern  Sierras on Day 3 through the weekend.

Here are current conditions at MM,  31″ to 40″ with more to come.Weather hold in effect,

LA gets drenched but local ski areas will have a great season. 2.54 inches rain  in Santa Monica.

Here are rain totals for LA area YTD, more than all of 2020-21 ! 15 inches in local mountains.

Save the links as its going to be an interesting season. Keep in mind we have a long way to go just to get to average rainfall. For example average for DT LA was 16 inches,

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